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Why ShopHero Is A Completely Different Kind Of Ecommerce Marketing App


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As merchants ourselves, we’ve got a first-hand experience with many of the challenges that all merchants face.

But in those same challenges, there are amazing opportunities. And that’s exactly is why we built ShopHero!

So we figured we’d take a few minutes to really dive into how fundamentally different ShopHero is from all other marketing apps out there – and what opportunities we are already creating for merchants.

Let’s go ahead and dive in!

"There's no app like ShopHero out there. What you guys have done is truly remarkable..."

Shannon Conheady, Founder, The Ecomm Guys Tweet


All large ecommerce stores use what’s called marketing automation.

It can come in various forms and functions, but it’s there for a bunch of different reasons – primarily to ensure a better customer experience.

Automation enables teams of all sizes to do more – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

But each retailer or online merchant doesn’t just show up to work one day and decide to reimagine what automation or systems (more on that later) they need to grow their business.

And sophisticated automation is incredibly expensive.

The merchants that can afford it also continue on, personalizing it based on their niche or unique strategy. But the core systems of what they put in place is exactly what their competitors have also done.

And that’s a good thing.

It’s a good thing because it creates a consistent customer experience from the point of view of their expectations.

So why wouldn’t your store use the same playbook?

Your customers are certainly now trained to expect certain things thanks to the big box stores.

So that’s why ShopHero’s campaigns are set up with a specific timing – or sequencing – based on what triggers or actions customers take.

All these campaigns are must-haves for ecommerce stores of all sizes.

They are designed to work together – to keep your customers in the loop and your brand top of mind – without the expensive enterprise cost of course!

Here’s the breakdown of what ShopHero campaigns do and why:

Idle Customer & Churned Customer Campaigns:

Any customers who haven’t purchased from your store in 3 and 6 months respectively. It’s always easier (and less expensive) to reconnect with these customers than to acquire a new one. That’s why ShopHero starts here – no manual segmentation required.

Product Recommendation Campaign:

Staying in touch with your customers is critical. You can customize this campaign to automatically go out to your customers on a set schedule.

Welcome Campaign:

Customers expect a welcome email. And most of them anticipate a welcome offer – but that’s completely optional. Take this opportunity to communicate what makes your store and products unique.

Abandoned Cart Campaign:

This campaign is critical in order to give your store a chance at winning sales. Increase the odds that the customers who add products to their carts complete their order with you – versus going to a competitor!

Abandoned Browse Campaign:

This campaign targets customers who’ve looked at your store – and personalizes outreach with specific products viewed – to encourage them to place an order so that they don’t just move on without a purchase.

First Purchase Campaign:

Saying “thank you” to a brand new customer really makes them feel appreciated – and it’s a great opportunity to get them thinking about their next order (especially if you provide a discount code).

Order Confirmation Campaign:

It’s always important to send a summary of a customer’s order. This is another great opportunity to start upselling products or getting your customers to start thinking about their next order.

Order Shipped:

Let your customers know when their order shipped so that get can get excited! Don’t underestimate how important these little moments are in building brand loyalty and repeat purchases!

Product Feedback Campaign:

Collecting product (and service) feedback is critical in not only improving your business but in building social proof.

Customer Birthday:

Going the extra mile to reward or offer a special something on someone’s birthday is a great gesture and does a lot to promote loyalty long term.

Loyalty Campaign:

This automatically kicks in after 5 unique orders (the magic number that’s been proven to turn regular customers into superfans). Once you’ve got your customer to this number, turn them into brand evangelists by doing something a little extra to recognize them.

Upon install, the only campaigns that will start to send (in order to capitalize on missed opportunities based on your ecommerce platform data) are the Idle & Churned Customers Campaigns.

All other campaigns will start to send based on actions your customers **actually** take.

For example, if a new visitor signs up for your mailing list, they will receive the “Welcome Campaign”.

If another customer is looking at a few new products, adds them to cart, but doesn’t checkout, they will receive the Abandoned Cart Campaign.

To protect your customers, we’ve automatically imposed a 1 message / 12 hours sending limit.

All messages (other than ones that require immediate delivery) are automatically sent with “Smart Timing” – so the moment when your customers are most likely to click and buy. Smart Timing is based on data on each individual customer and gets better over time.

ShopHero delivers simple, but powerful, big store automation to your business! There’s no work required to set it up. It’s just there and works to make you extra sales!


We quickly talked about systems not too long ago.

Successful companies basically either create their own processes or adopt a pre-established procedure altogether – like a franchise’s operations system.

The most challenging part about running a small business (especially for the first time) is that you have no playbook. No process. No system.

Even if you’ve identified some marketing campaigns as a priority for growth and sales, chances are you haven’t really thought through about how they all tie together, and then again back into your core business operations.

Without diving into an MBA degree, simply put, you might create a one-off campaign for a sale – but what about abandoned carts?

What about product upsell later on? How does each one increase your customer basket size and ultimately, their lifetime value?

If you take a loss on a product initially through a special offer shown only through one specific channel, do you recover the costs eventually? Or do these customers end up costing you more than those coming from another source?

What about capturing reviews on the products sold, so that you can increase social trust in your brand and products, which will ultimately help you sell more?

These are a lot of complicated questions. And that’s exactly why you need a system.

ShopHero has gone ahead and solved this problem for you.

All our campaigns work best together, because they fit together and support each other, all while keeping your customers engaged with you across different points in their customer journey.

That’s why all our campaigns are enabled and ready to begin sending from the moment you install the app.

More on that next!


Email and digital marketing have been around for a while now. So there is lots of data available on what general practices tend to work best. So to save you – the merchant – as much time and effort as possible, we’ve taken these best case practices as our operational baselines. No more staring at a blank field, trying to come up with a subject line. No more trying to figure out if a single column layout with large buttons is better than something else with more images…. We’ve collected data from thousands of brands, and across a variety of industries and seen first hand what works and what doesn’t for each one. Campaign after campaign. So we’ve baked all this data right into our content engine for ShopHero. You control:
  • your industry,
  • your marketing style, and
  • your theme design
All in order to create unique combinations for your business – based off proven, real-world data. Just add your logo within, and with all our campaign enabled by default, within minutes of installing the app on your store, ShopHero will go to work and start making you money.


Unlike other marketing platforms, there’s actually not much to set up or change in ShopHero (unless you really want to, and even then we recommend that only advanced ecommerce marketers take a look after some data has been returned).

Right after installing the app for your store, all you should need to do is add your logo.

The rest will just take care of itself. And that’s done by design.

Make more sales by putting our Autopilot Marketing System to work for your store!

Don’t waste any more time building one-off campaigns, or managing your marketing across multiple platforms (like email & push notifications).

Let ShopHero do all of the work for you!

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