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Autopilot Marketing System

Make more sales, faster with ShopHero’s Autopilot Marketing System.

Instantly get 12+ of the most essential, revenue generating campaigns every merchant should already be using. All optimized for sales!

Proven Templates

Not sure what content performs best for your industry or customers?

No worries! ShopHero has pre-created & hyper-optimized templates that are designed to make you sales!


Just Turn It On!​

No more wasting time testing or trying to figure out how to make sales. 

ShopHero does all the work for you – just turn on the campaigns and we’ll reach your customers through email marketing & push notifications!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! ShopHero is available worldwide and in a variety of languages (coming soon!)

Yes! ShopHero is designed to be used as a sales system! Our optimized campaigns reach your customers – through email marketing & push notifications – depending on where they are most active – and make you sales!

A sale is attributed to ShopHero if a customer opens or clicks a message sent by ShopHero and then makes the purchase in the next 72 hours.

In order to make extra sales faster (and provide a better experience to your customers), you should disable any other marketing apps that sends: email marketing and push notifications.

Yes. If you ever decide that ShopHero isn’t for your business, simply uninstall the application from your ecommerce store.

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