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Announcing ShopHero!


Head of Partnerships & Growth at ShopHero. Passionate about entrepreneurship and making things happen! Constantly experimenting & obsessed with helping companies grow.
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What’s the 1 thing that’s on the mind of every merchant? Simple.

More sales.

There’s a HUGE rush that comes from making sales online.

But how can you quickly increase your store’s performance? Is it through buying a few ads? Launching an influencer campaign? Or maybe getting a big press mention?

All of those tactics work.

But there is a HUGE amount of time and skill that is required to do any of those things. And that’s a big barrier to a lot of merchants.

So how can you make more sales without needing a ton of time or skills?

"There's no app like ShopHero out there. What you guys have done is truly remarkable..."

Shannon Conheady, Founder, The Ecomm Guys Tweet


ShopHero is designed to make you extra sales. 

We do this by following two simple concepts:

  1. Keep all customers (and potential customers) engaged with a world-class sales & marketing system (a once per month newsletter with a generic sale just isn’t enough)
  2. Reach them in a smart and personalized manner, wherever they are. This means that if Jane prefers to get emails from your store over something else, that experience should be placed above all others to maximize customer experience (and as a result, sales for that customer). Whatever offer your store sends Jane, it should also fit with her unique journey & needs.

So how does ShopHero keep your prospects and customers engaged?

Well, there are over 12+ critical, sales generating campaigns that every ecommerce store should have running because they are proven to make sales!

  • Welcome Campaigns
  • First Purchase Campaigns
  • Abandoned Browser Campaigns
  • Abandoned Cart Campaigns
  • Birthday Campaigns
  • Product Feedback Campaigns
  • Order Shipped Campaigns
  • Order Receipt Campaigns
  • Loyalty Campaigns
  • Idle Customer Campaigns
  • Churned Customer Campaigns
  • Product Recommendation Campaigns

Each of these campaigns is available right out of the box with ShopHero. No setup required!


ShopHero makes it easy for you to make more sales with these important campaigns.

Not only that, all you have to do is turn these campaigns on to start making more sales!

That means:

  • No more copywriting – stop staring at the subject line trying to come up with something that might catch the eye of your potential customers.
  • No more designing – the days of fighting with the layout or design elements trying to create something from scratch or matching a template to your brand (hoping that it’ll work on all devices).
  • No more generic marketing – reach your customer wherever they are with ShopHero. One message, multiple channels – automatically. ShopHero campaigns are delivered to your customers wherever they are most active.

Let ShopHero make you extra sales – while handling all your marketing for you. Each campaign you enable is automatically formatted for the following channels:

  • Email marketing
  • Push notifications
  • And more channels being announced very soon!


So there must be a lot of setup required, right? Nope!

We designed ShopHero with simplicity in mind.

Our goal was to get busy merchants like you making extra sales as fast as possible. Helping you focus on all the other aspects of running an online store.

Let’s take you through exactly how ShopHero works:

1. Pick your marketing style (this will give you pre-created & optimized copy similar to the brands you admire the most).

shophero-marketing style

2. Upload your logo & pick your theme!


3. Ready-To-Send Campaigns!

ShopHero is designed as an Autopilot Marketing System.

That means that all campaigns are designed to generate sales – and work better together! Right after installing ShopHero, all campaigns will be on and ready to send by default. 

Of course, if you want to dive a little deeper and edit some of the copy or imagery – you can. But ShopHero templates are already proven to drive conversions, so don’t sweat having to create your own copy.


We’re incredibly excited about the early results merchants are seeing with ShopHero.

And thanks to the community’s feedback – we’re working on adding even more to ShopHero!

Our mission is to make selling like a BIG store simple.

That means making highly sophisticated and complex ecommerce technology simple and accessible to merchants of all sizes.

Stay tuned and watch for new features like:

  • More languages! This means being able to sell to international customers in their native languages!
  • New marketing channels. Facebook Messenger is in the works, and we’re taking merchant feedback about other important channels like: Google Shopping ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and more!
  • New campaign layouts. While the current campaigns are designed to make sales, we’re going to give you even more choice when it comes to formatting for each campaign.
  • More must-have sales campaigns. ShopHero already has the most essential sales and marketing campaigns available out of the box. And once you see how well those work, you’ll want more. So that’s exactly what we’re working on!


Making sales online with an ecommerce store used to require a lot of time and specific skills in order to master making sales from a specific marketing channel.

Often, merchants could get overwhelmed with all the work and constantly changing formats and best practices for each individual channel.

That’s why we started ShopHero.

Our mission is to help a merchant of any skill or store size, make more sales online. No skills required.

The more you let ShopHero’s smart sales and marketing system work for you, the more sales you’ll make.

And your customers will love the personalized experience – not only when it comes to where they receive your custom offers, but how personalized each message is for them.

Keeping your customers and prospects engaged with personalized content is the key to making more sales. Big stores know that and they’ve got teams of people working together to provide that type of experience to their customers.

With ShopHero – you can too.

Download ShopHero today and put your marketing on autopilot!

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